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Hot Drinks

Wide range of coffees and teas

Breakfast Rolls, Sandwiches, Baps

Bacon Sausage Egg Mushroom Hash brown Halloumi

Sandwich fillings

Egg Cheddar Ham Chicken Roast beef Egg & bacon mayo Falafel Mediterranean vegetables Plain tuna Tuna sweetcorn Tuna, sun dried tomato & red onion Coronation chicken Piri piri chicken Chicken pesto & roasted peppers Mango chicken with jalapeño & coriander Chicken, bacon, lettuce and mayo Magic mix (cheddar, carrot, apple, spring onion, mayo) Prawns in Marie Rose sauce Smoked salmon Homemade breaded chicken escalope


Beef Goulash + Soup of the day


Scotch egg Samosa

Fresh Pasta

Bolognese Green pesto Homemade tomato sauce

Jacket potato or sweet potato

Cheese Beans Coleslaw Prawns Bolognese Your choice of sandwich filling


Protein salad box

Pick one main: Chicken escalope, grilled chicken, halloumi, falafel or flank steak Your choice of 3 salads from the salad bar Pick one sauce: Hummus, green pesto, sweet chilli sauce, sweet chilli jam, hot pepper sauce

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